Kaan Keskin

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Yayla Mah. Sinasi Dural Cad.
Gursel Sok. No: 53/9
+90 542-475-3773
[email protected]


Intertech, Istanbul, TRData Scientist
July 2018 - current

Started as Data Scientist at Artificial Intelligence and R&D department. Working on artificial intelligence solutions for various banking problems.

Arçelik A.Ş., Istanbul, TRProject Member
September 2017 - June 2018

Project Member at Arçelik A.Ş. Atölye 4.0 Advanced Robotics Lab. Currently working on ROS (Robot Operating System) and the navigation stack on a custom AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle).

Arçelik A.Ş., Istanbul, TRIntern
July 2017 - August 2017

Created 2D map of the place I worked using a depth-sensing camera and ran shortest path algorithms on that map. Developed location-aware video player using buetooth beacons on an Android device.

Yeditepe University, Istanbul, TRStudent Assistant
April 2016 - June 2016

Helping students in computer labs and solving problems of computers.

Texas Roadhouse, Gatlinburg, TNDish Machine Operator
July 2014 - August 2014

Worked as Work and Travel (WAT) international student.
Had lots of friends from USA besides other countries including Serbia, Russia, China.
Operated the dish machine.
Supervised proper rinse and wash temperatures.
Stored and used dish chemicals properly.
Set up and organized the dish racks.
Exhibited teamwork.

Maydanoz Aquarium, Istanbul, TRSeller
February 2012 - April 2012

Worked after school.
Developed marketing skills.


Yeditepe University, Istanbul, TR
Bachelor of Computer Engineering
September 2013 - June 2018
Kartal Anatolian High School, Istanbul, TR
High School Diploma
September 2009 - May 2013


3D Modelling using Kinect Camera Summer Project
(3 People Team Project)

A 3D object modeled by cubes using OpenGL Coordinates of cubes gotten by Kinect Camera. A controllable actor cube is also added to the…

AI for checkers-like game CSE 462 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Used minimax algorithm with alpha-beta pruning. Developed heuristics for better performance.

AR Based Public Media OBSS Hackathon 2018 3. Place
(3 People Team Project)

We used AR, IOT and Mobile technologies in this project. It is a public media that people can post media on Bluetooth Beacons. I was…

Autonomous WLAN Fingerprint Radio Map Creator Robot CSE 492 - Engineering Project

The literature indicates that there are couple of methods that can be used to estimate location via RSSI signal strength. Namely these are…

Bookstore Management Application CSE 348 - Database Management Systems Project

Database of a Bookstore is designed and proper data (customer names, branch names, salesman names etc.) gathered for the database and a GUI…

BİLMÖK 2018 Vote Counter

At the end of every BİLMÖK (Bilgisayar Mühendisliği Öğrencileri Kongresi - Computer Engineering Students Congress) ballotings held for the…

BİLMÖK 2018 Website

BİLMÖK (Bilgisayar Mühendisliği Öğrencileri Kongresi - Computer Engineering Students Congress) is the greatest student congress in Turkey…

C to Assembly Converter CSE 351 - Programming Languages Project

A program that converts C code to Assembly code using lex and yacc tools.

Computer Laboratory Network Management Application CSE 471 - Data Communications and Computer Networks Project

Network management application written in Java and C for computer laboratories in schools. In this scenario, Lecturer can watch any of the…

Fair-share CPU Scheduling CSE 331 - Operating Systems Design Project
(3 People Team Project)

CPU scheduling algorithm of Linux 2.4 replaced by fair-share CPU scheduling. CPU is shared equally for groups and then shared among users in…

Internet Radio Player Embedded Systems Programming
(2 People Team Project)

An internet radio player for Beaglebone Black using Python. Radio list (with their URI, names and genres) and listened songs (with their…

Push to Talk Communicator Summer Project
(2 People Team Project)

A zello-like push to talk Android mobile application. The voice messages are coded with opus codec and transmitted over UDP. Node.js…

RSA Text Encryption CSE 344 - Software Engineering Project
(4 People Team Project)

User asked to choose a text file and a key file to encrypt/decrypt the text file and the file is encrypted/decrypted. The aim of the project…

Raiden Fighters 2 CSE 212 - Software Development Methodologies Project

A copy of Raiden Fighters 2, a 1997 scrolling shooter arcade game, is made using Java. The aim of the project was applying OOP concepts…

Tetris with Link Lists CSE 211 - Data Structures Project

Constructed a 2D linked list and programmed a colorful tetris console game using C++.

Text Editor CSE 232 - Systems Programming Project
(2 People Team Project)

A simple vim-like text editor having cursor and command mode. In cursor mode, user can view the text using arrow keys. In command mode, user…


Office Programs
Visual Basic


Turkish - Native
English - Advanced
German - Intermediate (B1)


Watching Films & TV Series


Interrail Turkiye
Kartal Anatolian High School Alumni Association
Yeditepe Rhythm Factory
Yeditepe University Cinema Club
Yeditepe University Computer Society
Yeditepe University Music Club
Yeditepe University Music Club Choir
Yeditepe University Theatre Club